Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Censorship at the Daily Kos!!!

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Another missile defense failure
by kos
Mon Feb 14th, 2005 at 22:16:33 PST

Didn't Bush say something about cutting government programs that don't work ?
President Bush's planned ballistic missile shield suffered another setback on Monday when an interceptor missile again failed to launch during a test of the U.S. missile defense system.

The Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency said it could not complete the planned $85 million repeat of a failed December test after the interceptor missile failed to launch from its base in the Pacific Ocean.
To be clear -- they can't even get the darn missile to launch. $8.8 billion will be spent on the program in 2006.

My Response:

So are we happy Bush failed, or that a plausible method for defending the country has been foiled?

Just wanting to follow the party line.
by benzene on Mon Feb 14th, 2005 at 22:39:57 PST

UPDATE: Censored by Kos as of 2/15/05 at 3 PM


Blogger jpkramer said...

Bush is a traitor to all that is American. He has handed billions of dollars to corporations, he has destroyed the bill of rights, and has disregarded the country's will when it comes to waging war, for all these actions he should be hanged, but for pushing a missile defense program forward, no. I know that both Obbama and Clinton will continue this program, so don't think that every thing Bush does is anti-american. I would love to see Bush hanged for his actions, but that doesn't meen that a missile defense shield is a crime. In fact the congress funds the department of defense every year, and most of the money goes to offensive ideas, i.e. long distance bombers, aircraft carriers, and ICBM's. However, if we did have a missile defense shield that actually worked, then maybe we could stop spending money on many of the offensive weapons that cost us as taxpayers billions of dollars every year.

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