Monday, January 24, 2005

A had known a liberal who cheered the seizing of Elian Gonzalez as "Bad Ass"

"How can you be on the side of this?"

"Damn data entry error. I meant this - how can you support this?"


Blogger jpkramer said...

Life is fucked up. As a father of a 2 yr old daughter I understand the difference between love of country and love of child. Many liberals would say that it was wrong to take Elian from his relatives in Miami, but on the other hand, as a father, I can not live without seeing my daughter. If I lived in Cuba, should I wish the best for my daughter by leeving me. I know that I would cry everyday that I didn't see her, and I know that she would cry everyday that she didn't see me. With that being said, is it better that a child never see her lone parent for the rest of her life, so that she could live in America. We all know the ups and downs of American life. Some make it, and some don't, but we all want to be with our parents. As a father I would have fought to the death to see my child, and I think that every parent who is reading this would do the same. Did the American government make the right decision, yes. Cuba wasn't going to kill Elian, so without a life in balance, the only important thing is that a father and his child got to be together. Think about your own child, and whether as a liberal you really think that living in America without your father is such a better life.

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